Photo Taking Tips

So Sweet Stationery's photography expert, Allyson Wiley helps you create better pictures for your announcements and invitations:

Being a photographer is so much fun, it is a great profession - but also an amazing hobby! I encourage you to try some of these tips to help you capture that special moment for your announcement or invitation.  I have no doubt that your pictures will be more interesting, better lit, and in turn, more fun to display!

1. Get closer! Get closer to your subject... What are you trying to show in your picture? I guarantee there is 'information' that is distracting to the viewer, get closer and really emphasize what you want to show.

Photo Tip #1

2. Think about wardrobe. Lettering and logos can be distracting in a picture, I always advise my clients to wear solid colors (and stay away from patterns if possible).

Photo Tip #2

3. Look at your background, are there trees or poles sticking out of your subjects head? If you are using a point and shoot camera, with auto-focus, you may notice that EVERYTHING is in focus... be mindful of your backgrounds! Why not shoot on green grass, at a beach, on a staircase, or in front of an interesting doorway? You'll find as you look at the image, your eye goes to the subject - rather than the distracting object in the background.

Photo Tip #3

4. To make your pictures really stand out - get unique angles! Everyone can shoot from 'eye-level' but why not get on the floor and shoot? Stand on a chair and shoot? Shoot from outside a window, looking in? The possibilities are endless and great photographers are never standing in one place. Play around with shooting vertically and horizontally, don't stick to just one or the other.

Photo Tip #4

5. Shoot details! Of course we like to look at the overall picture, but why not focus on some unique details. A baby's hands or feet, the cute shoes someone is wearing, a couple's hands inter-twined together, pick details that tell a story.

Photo Tip #5

6. There is a common misconception when shooting people outside. Bright sunshine is not the best spot! If you are in the sun, use a flash to get rid of some of the harsh shadows that are created under the eyes and nose... or better yet - move to the shade. In the shade, you will get more even light on the face, and a prettier picture all around, with or without your flash on. Try both. If you know your camera well, try reducing your flash strength a bit and see what that looks like.

Photo Tip #6

7. Photographers love natural window light, it gives an amazing dramatic look to images. Try photographing someone next to a window -flash off! You'll be amazed by the mood it gives the picture.

Photo Tip #7

8. When photographing kids, I like to keep them in a contained area -maybe a wheelbarrow, or even on a bed, when they have too much space to roam - they will! I also like to give them something to do, maybe they can read a book, or pick flowers, something interesting - to keep them focused as you shoot around them.

Photo Tip #8

I hope this helps, and of course send me your photography questions. I encourage you to practice, practice, practice!

By: Allyson Wiley of Allyson Wiley Photography - www.allysonwiley.com -  (510) 847-0464

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